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Technical Services

Our diverse technical team brings together a deep cache of skills that forms the basis of our Technical Services. While we are able to offer more granular services we have chosen to focus on those that will support performance engineering and assist our client to cut cost and succeed in meeting their enterprise objectives. Our experts will assist in keeping an eye on those vendor proposals to eliminate extras that drive up cost and your budgets. Let us be your second set of eyes to review project, hardware and configuration proposals. Let us be your advocate, we will maximize your every dollar spent.

Here is an abridged list of services offered in this regard:


Proposal Evaluation

Let us review those proposals and assist in formulating questions for the vendor. Our expert team has worked on hundreds of high level projects over scores of years in consulting. Who better to help you make sense of convoluted proposals?


Configuration Evaluation

Our team is ready to evaluate your current system/environment configuration or proposed environments for completeness and consistency. Team members have seen, touched and configured hundreds of systems. Who better to review your configuration?


Technical Integrity

We ready to analyze projects for technical integrity, assisting in ensuring that all weaknesses in the project are explored. This will minimize rework, improve success rates and cut project cost across your enterprise.


Resident Expert

Have a conference call/presentation coming up with a vendor? Would’t it be nice to have experts by your side to ask the relevant tough questions that you may not think to ask right now? That’s us, your resident expert. We will be by your side to ensure that no stone is left unturned.


Cost/Benefit Analysis

Our team can perform in-depth cost benefit analyses for your projects. This will support decision making and again improve project reliability. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, first hand, in scores of projects. Let us help you.


Use our diverse skills to augment your onsite skill set. We will improve your project execution reliability and assist in cutting cost across the board.



Let us be your advocate,  cutting project cost by identifying padded hours and identifying weaknesses



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