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In Performance Engineering each element adds to the whole, to deliver a completed solution – the high performance system.




Performance Testing


Our performance engineers fully understand that to achieve the best possible performance from your environment, a comprehensive approach has to be taken. We can’t just focus on hitting target number of concurrent users in a certain timeframe – the focus of load testing. We ensure that application response and vitals are within defined acceptable parameters. We also include system and network performance analysis and ensure that this meets or exceeds your real world requirements while handling traffic modeled after real user behavior.


Lynk consultants use all the tools available in the performance testing arsenal to ensure that your environment is fully tested prior to launch so that there will be no surprises. To understand the difference between our approach and other less effective paths, contrast the objectives of the types of testing selected and the level of detail offered.


Load Testing

Load Testing is the simplest form of performance testing. This is typically done to observe the behavior of the system under an specified expected load. This is normally delineated by time or a specific number of transactions, and/or a specific number of users.


Stress Testing

Stress Testing is used to understand performance at the upper limits of system performance. This is typically done to determine if the system will perform adequately if the expected load is exceeded


Spike Testing

Spike Testing is done by suddenly increasing the load generated by users and observing system performance. The goal is to determine how well the system is able to handle dramatic load changes.


Configuration Testing

Configuration Testing is used to determine the effect changes in system configuration has on the performance and behavior. Examples are changes in load balancing, middle tier configuration, database tuning, hardware and network changes.


We employ all of these testing methods to obtain a complete picture of your environment’s performance capabilities, and then use the resulting data to optimize your system for best real-world performance. Test results will allow comparison of performance against institutional requirements and verify compliance with service level objectives (SLOs) or Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


System Engineering


The Lynk team provides expert resources in systems, network and database engineering. We see your environment as a whole and correlate system performance to the expected performance of individual components. We are able to do this due to the experience level of our engineers, and the depth of their skills and competencies in specific commercial ERP applications – Banner, Oracle Applications, Peoplesoft, SAP. Be assured that any issue that may arise will be expertly handled by our competent team.


Database Engineering


The Lynk team has experience on diverse systems, having used this collective approach in many top-shelf implementations. With this breath of experience we can provide the best engineers to our clients. We won’t waste your time or money learning on the job, we are here to perform and execute.



Lynk’s Engineers have a 100% success rate improving the performance of client systems


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