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Lynk's team has unique engineering talents honed by consulting on high profile projects for top companies. Our consultants have deep experience having worked with technology companies Oracle, Sun Microsystems, and industry giants such as Equifax, E*Trade, AT&T, Comcast.
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Let our experts resolve your performance issues. We take a holistic view of enterprise system performance and are skilled in diagnosing issues end-to-end. With our expert database, networking, systems, storage engineers, you have nothing to fear. With the help of Performance Testing we will find your root cause. Our Engineers will get you a timely solution.
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Take control over your ERP's performance. Manage cost and dictate performance testing schedule with a performance management program. Use your own engineers or our expert resources. Avoid high usage fees with special academic pricing on Testing Software for qualified institutions. We offer consulting services to support every purchase.
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  • Identify Issues

    Out team will zero in and find your performance issues. Using skills honed from optimizing numerous systems

  • Find Root Cause

    Inspect network, application servers, database servers, underlying hardware to find the root cause

  • Implement Solution

    Implementing solution, verifying success by comparing performance statistics


  • We use Load test, Stress, Soak, Spike, Configuration Testing to identify bottlenecks and use the data to squeeze every bit of performance from your system.

  • With performance testing tools we simulate real world situations your system may encounter. We are also able to simulate mobile users to test your mobile applications.

  • Value PropositionWe are so confident in our ability to execute that we can guarantee our process will discover the root cause of your performance issue, and ultimately, a solution.


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